The Benefits Of Ottawa Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint

Whiteboard/dry erase painting is a process that allows any surface to become erasable when whiteboard markers are used on it. It can be painted on walls, doors or any large surface areas to create creativity-friendly workspaces. White board painting starts off by preparing the surface with a high quality primer - a white primer if the surface is dark - to smoothen the area and assist the product’s longevity, after which the dry erase paint is applied a few times over and left to dry. The undercoat of primer is crucial for the dry erase paint to remain on the surface rather than be absorbed into any permeable areas.

Care should be taken with the tools by using a different paint brush/roller for the primer so that the dry erase paint being used stays intact. Dry erase paint normally contains low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and has a very mild odour which allows residents to continue their daily activities while the paint is drying, as long as the room has open spaces and windows/fan vents. This technique is ideal for any homes, schools or offices in need of a boost in productivity and inspiration. If this seems like a great idea for your home, office or school contact us today for further information and to receive a FREE estimate.

Can A Whiteboard Be Painted Onto Any Surface?

With regards to the types of surfaces that whiteboard paint can be applied to, they include wood, plastic, glass, metal, wallpaper, concrete as well as many other surfaces. As mentioned before, with adequate primer applied, most surfaces can be made smooth enough to apply the dry erase paint onto. While the best results are seen when the surface is already white – whiteboard paint can still be used on coloured surfaces. If the surface has a colour prior to applying the paint, a strong sealer is highly recommended as it creates a barrier between the colour and the dry erase paint allowing for a very effective whiteboard with little to no colour variance.

In the case of wooden surfaces, fillers must be used to even out and flatten the surface, followed by priming the surface, sanding it, and repeating until the desired smoothness is achieved. Most whiteboard paints can be used both indoor and outdoor depending on the brand, so the technique is ideal for a range of areas from homes to schools or offices in need of a boost in productivity and inspiration. Contact the Enviro Painting team to schedule your Ottawa white board dry erase painting today.

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