Chalkboard painting is another painting process used to liven up surroundings while also inspiring a creative purpose. Many types of chalkboard paints are acrylic paints containing components allowing the paint to be a chalk-writeable surface. Chalkboard paint now extends to many different colors rather than the usual dark green and black, and it can be used on several kinds of indoor surfaces – a trait that makes it extremely versatile. Chalkboard paint, like whiteboard paint, also has a mild odor and is easy to clean. A coat of primer is initially buffed onto the surface and left to dry, at which point the first coat of chalkboard paint is applied. For the finish to be as smooth as possible, this first coat is painted on in two steps, first horizontally to  provide coverage and then vertically to even it out across the surface. The second coat of chalkboard paint is also applied on in the same manner and left to dry for a couple of days prior to any chalk use. Painting on a few thin coats will yield better results than applying thick coats. The period of time required between coats for the paint to dry will be similar so the time estimation for the entire job to dry won’t be too difficult to determine. Extra care is also taken to protect the area around the surface by applying sheets on the ground to pick up any drips from the paint. After this process is completed, the board can come into contact with chalk and becomes erasable as other chalkboards are.

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