We not only provide interior and exterior painting services, but we also have dedicated specialists that are part of our team at Enviro Painting who are able to deliver services beyond just that. These include white board painting, chalk board painting, tile and tub painting and epoxy painting - a type of durable, paint like material used on concrete surfaces – because sometimes even places like garages need livening up!

Our white board and chalk board painting services all start off by preparing the surface with a high quality primer to smoothen the area and assist the product’s longevity, so that the result is a clean and work friendly space that is sure to inspire your creativity. Before tile or tub painting, our team makes sure that sandpaper has been adequately used to remove any shine from previous enamels. In that way, the final result is a much glossier finish and is guaranteed to lift the look of your bathroom or kitchen. We also take care of any required preparation work before taking on an epoxy coating job, by removing any spots from the surface and scrubbing the area well so that the epoxy is applied in the easiest way possible.

Enviro Painting is only a call away for a range of other specialty wall services such as vinyl/wallpaper addition, roof spraying and deck & duct spraying. If your home, business, school or study centre needs further services know that we are there for you every step of the way to make your vision come to life. Our aim is to make your decorative process just as easy, so we encourage you to contact us and we can set you up for a consultation with a decorator, who will help you make a decision on what wallpaper or vinyl decals will suit your style and space. After making a decision, our team will take over to prepare your surfaces and apply the wallpaper for you. Enviro Painting staff is also available to assist you in restoring your home roofs, so that your home can experience Ottawa’s tough winters and still look fantastic. If you’re worried that your roof or deck are slowly worsening over time due to difficult winters, our spraying services will revive their quality and take care of their appearance. As we understand that this is an important decision to make with regards to your home, our team will run you through the prep work that is necessary prior to application, and the type of spray that must be used according to the type of surface that needs spraying. Enviro Painting only uses tough, weather resistant sprays since the quality of our work is built on customer satisfaction and product durability is necessary.


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