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Choosing the interior paint colour of your home can be one of the toughest decisions to make, which is why we are here to supply you with resources that will assist you in making your best decision. The many details of your home are taken into consideration when deciding on the colour of your paint, and we provide paint sampling for you as a means of helping you narrow down your decision. Our local contractors understand how important it is to find and choose a colour that fits your indoor space and looks beautiful on your ceiling and walls.

Our priority is our clients’ need, and our house painters work hard to guarantee that our customers are satisfied through each and every step of our service. Making sure no paint touches your interior and your furniture stays intact is extremely important to us. That is why we carefully cover all your belongings and use drop sheets to prevent any paint spills before any work has started.

Our Ottawa Painting Process

The painting process begins with surface preparation, patching and sanding holes, removing light-switch and outlet plates, protecting your non-painted surfaces, and final prep work. If there are any specific concerns you have regarding the project or preparation, we will be sure to address them.

Once the initial surface prep is taken care of, our professional house painters will begin their work. If you are experiencing difficulties making colour decisions, we can always guide you to paint store locations that we trust that can help you make decisions free of charge, and we can even set you up with an interior decorator. Contact us today to learn more about our Ottawa painting process or to get an estimate today.

Environmentally Friendly Painting Products

We understand that you may have pets or children in your household, so we always recommend the use of environmentally friendly products with little or no VOC content just as we do with our exterior jobs. These products are virtually odourless and ultimately ensure a clean and safe atmosphere in your home. Using the same products that are committed to being environmentally friendly, we also paint all types of home ceilings, from different textures to different colours.

Hire us, and our focus will be making sure that your home has a professionally painted look and our final work leaves you satisfied in every way. For that reason, it is also important to note that we are insured as a company and that our employees are insured – the less stress for you, the happier we are.

If you're home is in need of a quick, cost efficient facelift contact the Enviro Painting team today and get a FREE quote. We proudly serve Ottawa and the surrounding local areas, including Manotick, Rockcliffe and more.

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