Our company offers commitment at all levels of building project, from preparing for construction and installation to construction management services. For years, our contractors have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services. Quite possibly the most important process of any painting job. A proper surface preparation guarantees longevity and provides your house with a professional look.

Our preparation is a very important step in the paint painting process and once completed, we walk you through the surface preparation to ensure that your standards are met prior to any painting. Preparation includes, scraping, sanding, mudding, puttying, caulking, patching, pressure washing, cleaning, priming etc.

If there have been smokers in the household, surface preparation may include washing, entire wall sanding, as well as priming and sealing all the surfaces that may have been effected by the smoke. This will ensure proper adhesion with the final paint coat applied.

All holes and dents are patched, puttied or mudded prior to any painting. Peeling paint is scraped, sanded, and primed prior to any painting. Stains are covered with special heavy duty sealant primers that block the stain from leaving through.

Ultimately we take extra care and focus on attention to detail to ensure that the surface preparation is done appropriately, since it guarantees the final quality of your paint job.


dry wall repair

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