The Benefits Of Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is a type of strong, paint like material used on concrete surfaces such as those found in garages, to liven them up and allow them to become more durable. Because of its strong and durable features, epoxy ‘paint’ can be used for many different purposes such as industrial sites. Epoxy paint can also be used for flooring/ground services.

When applied to floors, epoxy paint will result in a heavy- duty, resilient floor coating. It is used on concrete floors such as those found in garages, whether for its strength as protection for the floor or for its decorative and high shine quality – since epoxy can be found in many colors. Epoxy floor coatings offer a resistant flooring option that if taken care of, can last over time. Contact us today for your FREE estimate!



Professional Epoxy Coating In Ottawa

Epoxy painting requires certain preparation work before the actual coating can be done, by removing any spots from the surface and scrubbing the area well so that the product is applied in the easiest way possible. As with any other paint job, the result depends on how well this step is done. It is best to finish the process over a few days, so that sufficient time can be spent removing any oil spots, cleaning and degreasing the floor, scrubbing over it with weak acid if this is required, vacuuming and washing. After that, all cracks must be filled and the first coat of epoxy is painted on, followed by a second coat the next day.

The finished result should look like a smooth surface with no visible cracks or marks in the coating, and should be able to handle tough materials coming into contact with it. Epoxy coating provide a high quality option for your floors, transforming them to a high shine surface that is capable of coming into contact with a vast amount of materials while still being intact. Contact us today for any further questions or to book an Ottawa epoxy coating today.

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